On this page I will mostly post PDFs of handwritten (on OneNote) class notes every day of class, or other rough drafts. This page is a hot takes page, so be warned these (as the Wikipedia page for hot takes states) will be “usually written on tight deadlines with little research or reporting, and even less thought.” Ideally I will then flesh these out weekly into more full and typed up (i.e LaTeXed) notes and solutions.

Algebraic Structures II (Spring 2017):

Analysis II (Spring 2017):

Curves and Surfaces (Spring 2017):


  • drp-talk (An Introduction to Lebesgue and Hausdorff Measure on \mathbb{R}^n ) 15 minutes, directed reading program
  • An introduction to some basic homological tools (I’ve got half of it LaTeXed, but no hot take), Mathematics Undergraduate Student Talks, 30 min.

Notes for Algebraic Structures I (Fall 2016) and other algebra:



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